Letters to the Editor: O.C. mask deniers are a loud minority. Stop giving them attention

Huntington Beach protesters
Protestors demonstrate against California’s stay-home order as a masked pedestrian walks in Huntington Beach on April 26.
(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your article, “‘I don’t believe it’: Huntington Beach a symbol of mask resistance as doubters abound,” promotes a dangerous and divisive narrative.

The majority of Huntington Beach residents are wearing masks in public when physical distancing is not possible. I encourage all in our community to follow suit, and I encourage the news media to focus on the vast majority of people who are following proven, scientific guidelines, rather than provide a platform for a loud minority.

The loss of more than 140,000 American lives because of the coronavirus is heartbreaking, and the politicization of this pandemic is only increasing the death toll here in Orange County and across the country. Our success or failure depends on the actions of each one of us. As we continue to fight this virus, common sense and common decency will go a very long way.


Masking is a smart, effective way to limit transmission of this virus. It is one of the most critical (and few) tools that we have to fight COVID-19. I wear a mask to protect myself and others, and I hope you do too.

Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach)


To the editor: I have often been on the verge of writing to the Los Angeles Times. This is the time I proceed.

I am so angry with the people who give ridiculous excuses for not complying with the state mandate to wear a mask. This requirement violates none of our rights. In this article, I read the worst excuse of all: One man said he is concerned that wearing a mask “disrupts the breathing pattern.”

This man does not know what a disrupted breathing pattern is until he is ill with COVID-19. In fact, the virus could stop his breathing pattern altogether. I hope this doesn’t happen to him or any of his friends or family.

Please, wear a mask. Do it to protect others and yourself.

Barbara Wilks, Fullerton