Letters to the Editor: Take veterinary advice from a vet, not a pet food store owner

Natalia Soto
Natalia Soto, with her dog Moo on July 5, is a veterinarian who raised concerns about Marc Ching giving bad medical advice to pet owners.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: While reading the article about animal rights activist and Petstaurant owner Marc Ching’s dangerous recommendations to pet owners, I was frustrated and infuriated by the state veterinary board’s multiple failed opportunities to do anything — even reply via email — for the people who have complained about Ching.

I just visited the Petstaurant website and found this gem in its section on kidney issues: “Cats have kidney problems because dry food is devoid of moisture.” Solution? “The best thing that can be done is adding moisture to your cat’s diet.”

Even I — a cat owner for decades, untrained in veterinary science — know that this is simplistic hogwash. I feel genuinely sorry for the pets and owners who have suffered needlessly as a result of Ching’s irresponsible misinformation.


Ronel Kelmen Wright, El Segundo


To the editor: I have heard accusations about Ching’s treatment for ailing pets. I am not a vet, so I do not know animal medicine.

What I do know is that when my cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and the vet gave him six months to live, Ching helped me find good food that my cat would eat. My much-loved cat, Irving, had another year and a half of life.

I am very grateful.

Leda Shapiro, Ashland, Ore.