Letters to the Editor: Donald Trump should resign over the Bob Woodward coronavirus revelations. Period

President Trump at a press conference calling for reductions in immigration.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: On Aug. 7, 1974, Barry Goldwater and other Republican leaders went to the White House to tell President Nixon that he no longer had support and his days were numbered. Nixon resigned two days later.

It will only take one leading Republican senator not named Romney to play Sen. Goldwater’s role and tell Mr. Trump that he can no longer support him, after which Trump’s entire house of cards will collapse.

If none will do so, we must not forget on Nov. 3, and in 2022 and 2024, that Republicans placed politics and personal interest above country. We deserve better than sycophants in the Senate.

Edward Ruttenberg, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: Still waiting for the editorials calling for Trump’s resignation. If lying about consensual sex was a sufficient reason to pen an editorial calling for Clinton’s censure, then surely lying about a pandemic that has taken close to 200,000 American lives must be reason to call for the current president’s resignation.

Your editorial was powerful and on point. It crisply delineated, in the strongest terms and abundant evidence, why most Americans should demand that Trump immediately resign. Yet it fell ever so short.

Your editorial did not take a stand, it simply yelled.

Victor M Franco Sr., Monrovia



To the editor: It is finally time, indeed way past time, for the Los Angeles Times to call for Trump to resign.

As Bob Woodward’s tapes reveal very plainly, when it comes to his handling of the coronavirus epidemic, he is a willful mass murderer. Help save us from this nearly four-year national nightmare.

Robert Anderson, Studio City


To the editor: It was Shakespeare who authored the line from “Julius Caesar” spoken by Cassius to Brutus: “The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.” Translated to our current leadership crisis, it means that the fault is not just with the president but with those who blindly support him.

We can change our fate. While it might be a lost cause with the most die hard of Trump’s base, there are many who must wake up from our long national nightmare and take a long hard look at the future.

Cassius and Brutus were not wrong to want to prevent their republic from falling victim to an autocrat like Julius Caesar. But they took the law into their own hands... literally. We can preserve our republic in November without bloodshed, but a campaign war that must be fought and ballots that must be cast.

Tim Geddes, Huntington Beach


To the editor: It has long been clear, evidenced by both his rhetoric and his actions, that Donald Trump has prioritized his re-election bid above all else, even above human life. The man who confided in reporter Bob Woodward that he knew the coronavirus was five times deadlier than the flu, and much easier to transmit, is now, once again, holding mass rallies packed with thousands of unmasked attendees. Each rally a potential new coronavirus “super spreader” event. Trump knows it and he doesn’t care because he believes that it serves his political agenda.

This is unabashedly shameless and a depraved debasement of the sanctity of human life. This president, who staunchly claims to be “pro-life,” disproves this claim by his acts of stunning hypocrisy. Perhaps Mr. Trump is comforted by the belief that his rally-goers will likely vote before they have a chance to become infected by COVID-19 and possibly die. Seemingly, this is all he really cares about.

Ken Derow, Swarthmore, Penn.