Letters to the Editor: Gavin Newsom tried to talk some sense into Trump. Why even bother?

VIDEO | 01:26
Trump, California officials clash over climate change during president’s visit to check on wildfires

At Sacramento McClellan Airport in McClellan Park on Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom, left, and President Trump were briefed on the wildfires burning in California.


To the editor: Did Gov. Newsom really think he was going to change our president’s mind about climate change?

Come on now. Instead of wasting time trying to convince Trump of what is evident, the exchange should have gone something like this: “Mr. President, why are you here? Is to help or just take up our time?”

David Dale, Sonoma Valley



To the editor: Trump deliberately downplayed and misled Americans by denying the lethality of the COVID pandemic — knowingly endangering the lives of millions.

He has also denied and has downplayed the danger of global warming and climate change. The result of this will lead to more death and destruction worldwide than the pandemic has caused thus far. The present wildfires engulfing California, Oregon, Washington are the result of climate change. Droughts, melting ice caps, hurricanes and tornadoes, floods and rising seas will ultimately cause mass migration, starvation and wars. Trump continues to call it a hoax and questions the scientific validity.

Sounds familiar.

Richard C. Armendariz, Huntington Beach


To the editor: We are bundling up in blankets. Dang, it’s chilly. Smoke has blocked out the sun. Thank you, President Messiah. You are indeed the wise one.

Sue Flint, Cottage Grove, Ore.


To the editor: Let me give you some help if you’re an undecided voter. Do we care if our children go to school and can’t play outside because the air is foul for four months out of the year? How will that affect outdoor sports for children and professional athletes? How many will flee and then deflate property values?

If we believe at least a little bit of the science, we know that we must double and triple-down on mitigating the causes of our local disasters (as well as what’s causing hurricanes and flooding on the East and Gulf Coasts).

Climate change is no longer in the future. It’s here. It is human nature to procrastinate when you think you have more time. But, my friends, we just ran out of time.

Sue Nevens, Encino