Letters to the Editor: Surprise, surprise. The L.A. Times endorsed Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden speaks in St. Paul, Minn., on Feb. 18.
(Glen Stubbe )

To the editor: Endorsing Joe Biden was certainly no surprise from your merry band of editorial board members. You refer to Biden as a 77-year-old centrist as if those were credentials to be admired. The only thing centrist about him is that he will go in any direction his handlers point him. He has a zero record of accomplishments in 48 years of feeding from the public trough.

And barely a mention of his choice for vice president? This was the clearest indication of his lack of accountability. My memories of Kamala Harris harassing Brett Kavanaugh told me all I need to hear about her character.

If Biden does get elected, let’s hope he makes it to 2024 and the country can come to its senses.

Tom Bond, Studio City



To the editor: The Times endorsing Joe Biden wasn’t exactly a surprise since for the last three months there have been nothing but positive articles about him. The timing is interesting since the election is over 50 days away and there haven’t been any debates yet.

Also, isn’t The Times concerned about the state of Biden’s health? To many observers he seems to have lost quite a bit of his cognitive senses. I guess that The Times would even endorse a mannequin over Donald Trump, such is their disdain for him!

Marcus Kourtjian, Northridge


To the editor: There are ample reasons to pull the lever for Biden on Nov. 3. Everything from expanding healthcare coverage to ALL Americans, to combating both climate change and the devastation from the current COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention the necessity of making the American Dream available for every U.S. citizen.

But even more important is the imperative to have a patriot once again occupy the Oval Office. Our democratic republic has been critically wounded by the criminal malfeasance and morally depraved incumbent we now suffer. If this nation’s adherence to the “rule of law” means anything at all, Joe Biden must take the oath of office to “preserve and protect” the Constitution of the U.S. on Jan. 20, 2021.

Bob Teigan, Santa Susana


To the editor: Our beautiful state of California is being overwhelmed. Apocalyptic fires are destroying our forests with no end in sight. The pandemic has crippled our economy. Our streets are loaded with homeless people sleeping in tents. Help from the federal government? Not forthcoming. The sooner we accept this the better.

There’s very little we can do except demand change at the top. We need leadership. We need someone at the top who is thinking of all of us, not just his or her “followers.” We need leadership in the form of Joe Biden, a man who listens to expert advice and doesn’t just go on a personal whim. He has plenty of experience wading through the difficult reality of politics in Washington. We can’t make a mistake now. Joe Biden is the change we need. Thank you for your endorsement.

Peter Marquard, Northridge