Letters to the Editor: Mike Pence, like Trump, is incapable of following debate rules

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence
Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence during their only debate of this election cycle in Salt Lake City on Oct. 7.
(Getty Images)

To the editor: It’s quite disgusting that Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence constantly have to talk over their opponents in the debates. Why is this? Are they not adults who know how to follow the rules?

Also, moderator Susan Page allowed Vice President Pence to speak for more time than his Democratic opponent, Sen. Kamala Harris, as the moderator did for President Trump in his debate. This appears to be a problem that has not been adequately addressed by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Pence’s performance was so full of lies that my head was spinning. Unfortunately, Harris didn’t call him out on all of them, as she should have. It’s a good thing there was only one vice presidential debate, as I could not sit through another one and listen to so many lies.


Dave Corbin, Palm Springs


To the editor: These are the questions that should have been asked of Pence:

Why as head of the COVID-19 task force could you and your team not protect the president from this disease? What chance does an ordinary citizen have? Are they going to be flown to a national medical center and given the latest medicines?

Evan Thompson, Altadena


To the editor: Beyond outrageous was Pence’s statement during the debate about Trump following science. Trump has not only ignored the overwhelming evidence for climate change, he has also exacerbated the situation.

He appointed Scott Pruitt and then Andrew Wheeler to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, both being enemies of honest science and climate change action. Senate Republicans, displaying indifference to climate change’s damage to people’s lives, approved those nominations.


It is crucial that many of these destructive people be replaced this November.
With their choices this November, voters will show if they care about the serious damages that climate change will inflict on their children and grandchildren

I do hope that those who do not already realize how alarming the situation is will seek out the actual scientific truth about it.

Jack Holtzman, San Diego


To the editor: Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare’s rival and friend, wrote a play in 1607 called “Volpone,” or “The Fox.”

In this play, the fox-man lies in bed “sick” and gets all kinds of corrupt and ambitious types to donate money and properties to him, promising they will be included in his will, and then leaves them out of it. His henchman is Mosca, the fly.

The actual fly pretty much wins, as it did in the vice presidential debate. The past is always the present.

The fly, not Pence, stole the debate.

Theresia de Vroom, Los Angeles


To the editor: Please, no more debates. The first one was a complete fiasco. We already know what we need to know.

Terese Miller, Monrovia