Letters to the Editor: It’s outrageous to call Benjamin Netanyahu an ‘autocrat’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(Abir Sultan / EPA)

To the editor: The L.A. Times ran an article in print with the headline, “Biden’s win poses a dilemma for autocrats.” It was journalistic malpractice to include a section about Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, under that title.

Autocracy is a system of government in which one person, the autocrat, has absolute power. Israel is the only proven democracy in the Middle East and is a free country, according to the American nonprofit advocacy organization Freedom House.

Whether one supports or opposes Netanyahu and his policies, it is an objective fact that he is in office as a result of free and fair elections in Israel. He does not wield absolute power in his country, but rather shares it with the legislative and judicial branches.


Moreover, his governing coalition relies on a large rival party that opposes some of his policy objectives.

Roz Rothstein, Los Angeles

The writer is co-founder and chief executive of the pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs.


To the editor: The 2020 election has proved to be one of the most consequential and important events in recent history.

With Joe Biden as the president-elect, it is time to move forward and think about how we can restore our reputation in international affairs. We have failed to address the COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale, and our soft power is fading.

With a new Biden administration, the State Department has the opportunity to restore lost relationships, but also to take a tougher stance on autocrats, many of whom refuse to acknowledge his victory.

Addressing a failed American presence in the global system will take more than just military force and spending; it is imperative to prioritize the federal government’s international affairs budget, as well as funding for key foreign-aid projects.

With hard work and dedication, the Biden administration will be able to restore our place in the global system.

Amanda Wilson, Los Angeles