Letters to the Editor: Trump blew his chance to be regarded as something other than a failure

President Trump
President Trump listens during a presidential medal of freedom ceremony in the Oval Office on Thursday.
(Associated Press)
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To the editor: As the COVID-19 pandemic surges to a climax that dominates the remaining weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump’s behavior has become increasingly egregious as he perpetuates a leadership vacuum with a country that is essentially on a war footing.

The president has abandoned his responsibilities and incomprehensibly makes no public mention of the 3,000 daily deaths from the coronavirus.

President Trump might have been able to salvage his reputation by ending his term with a show of leadership and interest with regard to vaccines. If he had coupled leadership with even a belated demonstration of empathy for victims, perhaps he would be positioned to gain even a modicum of respect as he exits the White House.


Instead, Trump has been completely disconnected from the reality of an out-of-control pandemic and is consumed with the futility of overturning the election, ensuring that as Jan. 20 approaches, his scarred legacy becomes increasingly more embedded.

Roger Hirschberg, Bondville, Vt.


To the editor: Trump will be known for tax cuts for the rich, alienating our allies, cozying up to our adversaries, being impeached and for the deaths of about 280,000 Americans, to date, from COVID-19.

During his last days in office, he is grifting for dollars from gullible supporters as he puts up a faux fight to undermine the election result. He is investigating the legality of blanket pardons for himself and his family and is disemboweling the institutions that govern us and keep America safe.

The dangers to our country no longer come from foreign adversaries, but rather the Republican lawmakers who remain mum while Trump undermines our democracy. If they lose the Georgia Senate seats, they have brought it on themselves.

D.H. Sloan, Silver Lake



To the editor: Today I have been seeing and reading even more about Trump’s off-the-rails tweets and outrageous videos and claims about the election results and seemingly just about everything else he doesn’t like.

Now, I read that ex-national security advisor Michael Flynn, recipient of one of Trump’s pardons, has tweeted out a call for the president to declare martial law and hold a new election.

Actually, that might not be a bad idea. Should we risk supporting this nearly insane notion in order to throw Trump out on his heels permanently?

I must admit, I’m starting to become very nervous about the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and whether Trump will attend.

Donald Rowan, San Clemente