Letters to the Editor: Trump held us hostage because he could. If you still support him, something’s wrong

President Trump boards Air Force One on Dec. 23.
President Trump waves as he boards Air Force One with First Lady Melania Trump on Dec. 23.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: The ultimate Scrooge, desperate for attention, struck again.

In needlessly holding out on signing the stimulus and government funding bill, he continues to sow chaos and destruction in his final days. He escapes from reality to golf and stroke his fragile ego with coup attempts and grossly unethical pardons. Meanwhile, Americans are dying from COVID-19.

If you somehow still support this unhinged, anti-everything-but-himself president, something is wrong.

I’ve been relatively quiet about all of this lately, trying to let it play out and remain positive. But now, we are being thrown into jeopardy and despair by “he who shall not be named” and a completely out-of-touch, broken government.


There’s less than a month to go of this, so here’s to hoping that things get better. Stay safe, healthy and positive — but, yes, sometimes you need to vent.

Graham Czach, Granada Hills


To the editor: Lest we forget, Trump has shut down the government before while demanding ransoms from Congress, most notably funding for his border wall. Now, we just avoided another Trump shutdown.

Between these failures he created a cauldron of chaos, racism, white supremacy, poverty, unemployment, business closures, evictions and a deadly illness. He doesn’t care that others are suffering, with the glaring exception of the well-heeled privileged.

Barbara Boozell, Palm Desert


To the editor: Trump decided to punish Americans for not reelecting him. He will do all he can to disrupt and do great harm to so many people in need.


The 2020 election showed that the majority of Americans know what some Republican politicians won’t admit: Trump is bigoted and self-absorbed. His churlish, spiteful behavior shows his concern is only for himself.

Fran Gale, Laguna Niguel


To the editor: While it is good news that Trump has finally signed the compromise stimulus and government funding bill, his delaying tactics have alienated much of his constituency.

There was no conceivable reason for his delay other than to indicate that he was still in charge. Not only has he endangered the Republican Party, including the tight Senate races in Georgia, but also shown that he is not a fit candidate for 2024.

The display of arrogance has turned voters against him, with the resultant permanent damage to the Republican Party. He has now made a mark in history, and the final judgment will be rendered by his peers.

Nelson Marans, New York



To the editor: When Trump mocked a disabled reporter, it should’ve sent a loud and clear signal as to what kind of individual we would be sending to the White House.

His refusal to provide timely relief to his suffering country can hardly be seen as a surprise. Rather, it is just another example of a man so horribly flawed that his narcissism is exceeded only by his callousness.

Bill Waxman, Simi Valley