Letters to the Editor: Call the GOP effort to thwart Biden what it is — racist voter suppression

Trump rides in a motorcade vehicle.
President Trump departs Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Dec. 28.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Let’s call this what it is — voter suppression. (“Mike Pence: Your loyalty should be to the Constitution, not Trump,” editorial, Dec. 31)

The foundation for contesting the 2020 electoral college results, pure and simple, is voter suppression under the guise of voter fraud. And, whose votes are being suppressed? Can there be any doubt that it is those of the marginalized residents of large cities who have been impeded by racism and poverty in exercising the right to vote?

The entire compendium of challenges is directed at disenfranchising citizens more at risk, suffering greater income loss, and less able to reach polling places due to a pandemic. The disingenuous claim by far-right Republicans in Congress that they will object the electoral vote on Jan. 6 because of constitutional concerns is an insult to anyone who actually believes in the right of every citizen to have their vote count.


As the announcement by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) so clearly displays, we have moved to where political theater “trumps” any concept of justice.

John Hughes, Los Angeles


To the editor: If you need proof as to why the U.S. should move away from the electoral college, the drama following our recent presidential election should be enough.

How nice would it have been to have the election result, based on the popular vote, the morning after we voted. Other elections on the same ballot were decided by popular vote.

Instead, the nightmare goes on and on, creating a very dangerous political climate.

This nation’s founders could never have imagined our predicament today. Let’s eliminate the electoral college so our country can become a more peaceful and relevant democracy.

Barbara Mathew, Villa Park



To the editor: Sen. Hawley’s grandstand play to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory has unfortunately become a regular weapon in the GOP’s political arsenal of authoritarian challenges to democratic principles. The tactic is to plant the “big lie” in the minds of the people, magnify it through media repetition and then act on it as though it is the “truth.”

If Hawley follows through on his threats during the Jan. 6 congressional certification and is joined by other Republicans, we will be watching the big lie resurrected on one of our most hallowed national stages — the U.S. Congress.

The GOP will be employing the same dictatorial, authoritarian political tactics that have destroyed democracies in the past.

Dennis M. Clausen, Escondido


To the editor: We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump is refusing to accept the results of the election, something he said he might do before the vote. What is shocking are the lengths to which he and others have gone to trample our democratic norms in a desperate attempt to cling to power.

Even more troubling, however, is the fact that legions of presumably sane Americans are so willing to disregard contrary information and blindly accept the rantings of a delusional narcissist. God help us.

Michael Sanders, Los Alamitos