Letters to the Editor: Fine, move out of California. Just don’t bash our state on your way out

Two women look over the south side of the Venice Beach Pier.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I’m so tired of reading stories about people who bash California while moving to Nirvana Acres in another state.

As a percentage of its 10 million total residents, Los Angeles County’s net loss of 74,000 people due to migration in the recent fiscal year is interesting but hardly apocalyptic. But then again, we’ve been hearing of California’s and New York’s demise for a long time now.

Simply put, I’d rather live in a diverse, progressive blue state that isn’t perfect — and pay slightly higher taxes and housing prices — than go elsewhere. There is a reason (remember “supply and demand”?) we move to big, crowded states and cities.


While the pandemic may alter any number of lifestyle and work issues, I still remain bullish as ever about California, New York and other big states and their large cities that embody the beauty and vibrancy of American diversity.

Don Linde, La Verne


To the editor: So far, two couples with whom I am close friends have moved to other states. Pretty soon my family will have no more close friends living in California. Now, I’ll see them maybe once or twice a year, but I don’t have the money that the state’s elites have, so jetting from state to state is not an option.

I would also hope that my child inherits something from me besides my name.

I am a born-and-bred Californian, and I love it here. But California is losing its middle class and its retirees thanks to having the highest taxes in the country. It’s getting lonely here in what was once the closest thing to paradise that most folks like me could hope for.

Mark Walker, Yorba Linda


To the editor: I blame no one for moving when there are better opportunities somewhere else, but it’s best to think things through first.


Minneapolis in January? Phoenix in July? Been there, done that, so I will stay here as long as I can.

Allen F. Dziuk, Carlsbad


To the editor: I am a California native who has watched with dismay as our population has almost quadrupled since 1950, the year of my birth.

My honest reaction to those leaving the state is that the exodus comes not a moment too soon. It’s not personal; I’m sure they are fine people and I wish them well, but I’m pleased that they intend to do well somewhere else.

We cannot continue forever with an economy that depends on growth as the primary engine of prosperity. It is unsustainable and a recipe for dystopia. We must find another way forward.

In the meantime, there are several other states that could use more people.

Gary Gegan, Culver City