Letters to the Editor: Some Republicans say the economy doesn’t need stimulus. That’s preposterous

President Biden
President Biden removes his face mask before speaking at the White House on Monday.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: The other day, I saw a news segment on TV about a third-grade girl who was attending class via Zoom. The teacher noticed that the student started to cry, so the child explained she was hungry because her family was running out of food.

Even to a most skeptical mind, this was obviously real.

In his column on the $1.9-trillion stimulus package, Jonah Goldberg doesn’t seem to buy the idea that so many people are suffering. He states that the idea that the COVID-19 relief package cannot come “a moment too soon” is “preposterous.”

He writes: “Yes, there are millions of Americans suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, but signs point to an economy about to skyrocket.”


Mr. Goldberg, it can’t come a moment too soon.

Ted Bacino, Palm Springs


To the editor: Most certainly President Biden’s relief bill is a “wish list.”

Shouldn’t all well-meaning Americans wish children and their parents and friends were fed, housed, educated and healthy? Don’t we wish for this plague to be gone?

A wish list along with an action plan to begin healing is exactly what we need now. So, I am guilty of the crime of wishful thinking, as charged by the do-nothing Republicans.

Sharon Fane, Sebastopol, Calif.