Letters to the Editor: Why we should take a recall backer’s racist joke seriously

Orrin Heatlie
Orrin Heatlie, the main organizer of the campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, poses at the KABC radio station in Culver City on March 27.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: It needs to be pointed out that when someone (anyone, on the right or left) uses language that disparages and offends a class of people, they should be judged by that language. (“How three political novices with turbulent pasts helped spark the Newsom recall,” May 1)

Talk-show host Orrin Heatlie, a retired policeman who supports recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom, is quoted as encouraging the microchipping of “illegal aliens” and says it works — “just ask animal control.”

Now, he says he wasn’t serious about microchipping. Nobody thinks you are going to microchip people, but this guy doesn’t get that he has made fun of a group of people and likened them to animals.

The days of the “take me seriously but not literally” should be over.

Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley, Calif.


The AM radio show “Friday Night at the French Laundry” is a forum for conspiracy fantasies and real-world grievances against Gov. Gavin Newsom. Its hosts are leading the recall effort.

May 1, 2021


To the editor: I am a lifetime Democrat who voted for Joe Biden and will be voting to recall Newsom. I am not a member of any white supremacist group, and I am sickened by hate crimes.

The main reason I will be voting to remove Newsom is the “$10 billion to $31 billion” lost by the California Employment Development Department because of fraud. The fact that the EDD does not know how much has been lost only speaks to its incompetence.

Plus, the fact that people who deserve unemployment benefits but can’t get them and have to spend days, weeks or months just trying to talk to someone at the EDD infuriates me.

People complain that the recall election could cost up to $400 million. That could be $400 million well spent.

Keith McCurdy, Huntington Beach



To the editor: Those calling to remove Newsom should think first about the lives he has saved.

Sure, it was frustrating, to say the least, to have businesses and schools close. California was the first state to do so.

However, California now how has the lowest positive test rate for COVID-19 cases in the country, all thanks to our governor. Both Texas’ and Florida’s rates are much higher than California’s.

Lorraine Knopf, Santa Monica