Letters to the Editor: Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India? Talk about failing up

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti delivers his annual State of the City address from Griffith Observatory on April 19.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I read with great disbelief that Los Angeles’ own “fix-it” mayor is reportedly under consideration by the Biden administration for the U.S. ambassadorship in India.

Really? The great escape. Is this how you reward a self-serving politician who has consistently failed at the job during two terms?

Perhaps Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s impressive skills demonstrate why he would be such a formidable candidate for the job.


He has made lofty promises that he could not fulfill. He has mismanaged L.A.’s massive homelessness crisis and coordinated impractical solutions. He has advocated for the construction of unaffordable housing. He has committed Los Angeles to hosting the burdensome 2028 Summer Olympics.

And the jewel in the crown is the fact that if Garcetti flees Los Angeles, he will have left the taxpaying denizens in the red for years to come.

Yasmin Netervala-Iseli, Los Angeles


To the editor: Should Garcetti start packing for India? Of course not. There are many qualified Indian Americans who would represent us much more effectively.

Garcetti has plenty of unfinished business for the remainder of his term as mayor. The homelessness crisis, anyone? Systemic racism? Corruption in City Hall?

Don’t let him skate to India, or anywhere else, and leave these vexing issues behind.

Noel Park, Rancho Palos Verdes