Letters to the Editor: Who cares if offshore wind farms are unsightly? The planet is dying

The L.A. Department of Water and Power's Pine Tree Wind Farm and Solar Power Plant
The L.A. Department of Water and Power’s Pine Tree Wind Farm and Solar Power Plant sits in the Tehachapi Mountains of Kern County.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I understand there’s a debate over whether solar and wind farms are visually displeasing, but why is this slowing down the adaption to clean renewable energy?

Are there that many people saying how beautiful oil rigs, oil derricks, big smoke-filled oil refineries and those huge cylindrical oils containers are? Do East Coast drivers comment on the visual and aromatic beauty around Exit 13A of the New Jersey Turnpike? Do West Coast drivers do the same when driving by oil refineries on the 405 Freeway?

We transitioned from the steam engine to an oil- and gas-based energy system for reasons other than beauty. It was called progress. It’s now time to progress away from dirty oil and gas to a clean renewable energy system.


Jonathan Light, Laguna Niguel


To the editor: Wind farms are but one example of expensive climate solutions that will take years to come online.

Reducing the highway speed limit to 55 mph would cut down tailpipe emissions. Even electric car owners find a significant improvement in range by slowing down, which means less energy is pulled from the grid. Basing registration fees on engine horsepower would also encourage more efficient vehicles.

These simple actions could be implemented now instead of 10 years from now.

Jim Winterroth, Torrance