Letters to the Editor: A story on psychics during the pandemic — really, L.A. Times?

Tarot cards in a person's tattooed hands.
A tarot card reader at the Los Angeles Public Library’s Memorial Branch on Jan. 27, 2020.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I was disappointed and annoyed that The Times would devote a whole print Business page to the hucksterism that is represented by self-appointed psychics. (“‘Time and space don’t exist in the spirit world’: How psychics are embracing remote work,” July 1)

Out of more than 40 paragraphs, only one suggested that there is no scientific basis for some of the claims. The others implied that the con game played by these grifters was somehow legitimate.

In this world of climate change and vaccine and election deniers, how can The Times justify giving any space to such unvalidated, anti-science sophistry? Shall we expect snake oil, homeopathy and Ponzi schemes to be highlighted in the coming weeks? Perhaps we could laud the many telemarketing scams that fill our phone lines every day since they produce revenue for many workers and for our telemarketing companies?


Surely The Times can put its voice to better things.

Jan Ludwinski, Santa Monica


To the editor: I find it strange that apparently none of these psychics could see our pandemic coming and prepare for it ahead of time.

Also, it is such a shame that The Times, now a much smaller paper, would waste valuable space on such woo-woo.

Michael Kraft, Torrance