Letters to the Editor: Kamala Harris is having fun, and Republicans don’t like that

Vice President Kamala Harris waves from a lectern
Vice President Kamala Harris speaks about voting rights at Howard University in Washington on July 8.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: So the usual suspects in the GOP firmament are attacking Vice President Kamala Harris for her infectious laugh.

Could anything be more reflective of the utter barrenness of any substance in the Republican Party? No ideas, no policy proposals, no governing philosophy, just attack, attack, attack.

Next they will be expressing outrage that the presidential pooch is relieving himself on the White House lawn, the people’s lawn. Oh, the tragedy.

Phillip Gold, Westlake Village


To the editor: Our vice president’s laugh is genuine and healthy. Of course the haters are going to deride it. They preferred the lies and negativity from our last president.


And I’m still ashamed that man was ever allowed to represent our country.

Robert Gardner, Mission Viejo


To the editor: For any reader who found this article newsworthy, please practice spelling “potato.”

Ted Rosenblatt, Pacific Palisades