Letters to the Editor: The recall isn’t about Trump. It’s about ending one-party rule in California

Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference in Universal City on June 15.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Harold Myerson suggests that “the way to defeat the recall is for Democrats to show what would befall California under a Republican who governs in the spirit of Donald Trump.” (“Democrats must scare their voters to the polls to fight Newsom recall,” Opinion, Aug. 2)

The former president is not responsible for the growing homeless population, the highest gas prices in the nation, the unreliable power grid, the destructive wildfires or the poor public schools.

Bad governance by the Democrats has harmed the Golden State, so maybe it’s time to end one-party rule.


Janet Polak, Beverly Hills


To the editor: I have one question for any Republican running for governor of California. It is:

“If Donald Trump were to call you and ask who you believe won the 2020 presidential election, what would you tell him?”

I expect that many of them would dodge the question.

Leigh Freedman, Cypress


To the editor: While I do not support the recall, it seems that another reform of the recall process should be to simply replace a recalled governor with the already elected lieutenant governor.

The California Constitution provides for a lieutenant governor who is responsible for replacing a governor who leaves office early, so why is there a need to elect a different person in the case of a recall?

Anyone elected in a recall will likely receive only a plurality of votes — maybe even a small one — whereas the lieutenant governor has already been elected statewide by a majority.


Jeff Prang, Los Angeles