Letters to the Editor: These are the reasons why Californians, even Democrats, should remove Newsom

Gavin Newsom, in a mask, stands with his hand on his chin.
Gov. Gavin Newsom listens to speakers at a news conference in Oakland on July 26.
(Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)

To the editor: The Sept. 14 recall election is approaching. Here are several reasons to remove Newsom:

  • Given the Democrats’ decisive numerical advantage in voter registration to Republicans, Democrats have been hurt more by Newsom’s errors than Republicans.
  • Newsom’s unpredictable and destructive flip-flopping on COVID-19 mandates has created a huge problem for the business community.
  • Newsom has placed the desires of the teachers unions above the needs of our schoolchildren, possibly causing a permanent learning deficit.
  • He ignored the clear will of the people of California when he suspended use of the death penalty.
  • He has failed to provide any productive measures to reduce homelessness in our state.
  • He has expanded healthcare programs to cover undocumented immigrants, thereby promoting illegal immigration into our state.
  • Rolling blackouts are our new normal.
  • Remember his hypocrisy in attending a dinner at the ritzy French Laundry restaurant with lobbyists unmasked after commanding all of us to wear masks indoors.

We need a governor with clear, unmovable principles who takes effective actions that serve the people of California.

Jay Bayman, Camarillo



To the editor: The recall (a democratic process laid out in our state Constitution) is undermining Newsom? Nope, he did that to himself with his feckless COVID-19 restrictions.

Larry Elder will restrict abortion rights and end minimum wage, as some recall opponents are claiming? These are the sounds of a wounded animal in its death throes. No governor has the authority to do either unilaterally.

I don’t care who a candidate supported in the past. I only care that he or she can fix the problems in California that have long festered but have grown during Newsom’s tenure. I want a governor who will not impose restrictions just because he can.

Newsom has shown by example he cannot fix our problems, and he will not even follow his own mandates.

Arnie Sklar, Beverly Hills