Meet the other recall candidates: David Hillberg


What experience has prepared you to take over leadership of the world’s fifth largest economy?
My life, military and civil service experiences.

Do you believe Joe Biden was lawfully elected president?

Should an ethnic studies course be required for high school graduation?

Defund police?

Should government make any vaccine mandatory, including for polio and smallpox?

Under California law, low-income women are eligible for taxpayer-funded abortions. Do you support this?

Should the governor’s emergency powers be altered, and if so, how?
Depends on the governor.

If you had $25 billion to spend on homelessness, what would you do with it?
Fund the police with it and clean them out as needed.

As governor, would you direct the state to do more to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
Yes, aiding and abetting is a felony.

What would you do to decrease the chance of destructive wildfires?
What should have been done in the first place.

What emergency steps would you take during a drought to allocate water usage among Californians?
For now? Your questionnaire is quite biased as worded.

Do you support California’s climate change initiatives? If no, what would you change?
There are many things in California I do not support. Want a list?