Letters to the Editor: Reality check for Democrats — Californians aren’t that into you

Supporters of Republican Larry Elder cheer for him at a rally in downtown Los Angeles on Sept. 7.
Supporters of Republican Larry Elder rallied Sept. 7 in downtown Los Angeles.
(Craig Kohlruss / The Fresno Bee)

To the editor: Your Sept. 16 print edition was full of positive coverage for Gov. Gavin Newsom: “Big win sets up Newsom for reelection romp,” “Democrats find right formula” and so forth.

Reader’s letters were more measured — they said they voted to keep the Republicans out of power, not to support Newsom; that Republican Larry Elder ran on a ridiculous platform; and that the governor should stop it with the platitudes.

Democrats need to stop congratulating themselves. They still don’t admit the possibility that if former President Trump had not messed up his pandemic response, he probably would have been reelected.


Alan Booth, Los Angeles


To the editor: Missing from your editorial call for recall reform and Mark Barabak’s column on the recall is the need to change not only how many signatures are needed to trigger a recall, but how those signatures are collected.

While I agree that for governor, a successful recall should result in the lieutenant governor taking office, such a change affects only the back end of the process. The front end needs to be addressed, too, for both recalls and ballot measures.

It is an accepted fact that if one has enough money and enough signature gatherers, virtually any measure can get on the ballot. Allowing supporters of a recall or ballot initiative to pay gatherers per signature they obtain is effective in garnering people to sign a petition, but it presents all kinds of openings for fraud and undue pressure.

By all means, allow the persons gathering the signatures to be paid — say, by the hour. Such people need not be volunteers, but do not allow a bounty per signature.

Andrew E. Rubin, Los Angeles