Letters to the Editor: If Gloria Romero’s passion is education, supporting Larry Elder makes no sense

Former state Sen. Gloria Romero, a lifelong Democrat, supports Larry Elder for governor.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I read with interest Robin Abcarian’s column on former Democratic state Sen. Gloria Romero’s bizarre support for Larry Elder. Romero claims her support stems from a feeling that the Democratic Party needs to be held accountable.

I agree that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s French Laundry dinner was hypocritical and stupid, and I also agree that the California Democratic Party made an enormous mistake by not allowing a viable Democrat on the ballot. However, has Romero not thought through the implications for public schools of actually electing Elder?

If Elder uses his executive power to prevent schools from mandating vaccines, testing or masks, schools will turn into plague factories, especially since this election coincides with the start of flu season. At that point, every family that can afford to pull their unvaccinated kids out of public schools will, and those schools will lose the associated funding.


Families that can’t afford to home school or send kids to private school will have little choice but to keep sending their kids into these death traps as fall turns into winter.

There are lots of things the California Democratic Party could be doing better. If elected, Elder would do zero of those things. Romero’s support for him is perplexing.

Lorelei Laird, Los Angeles


To the editor: I’m a lifelong Democrat and retired teacher who shares Romero’s outrage at our state’s failure to educate Latino and other minority students. I am also upset at a Democratic Party captive to the teachers unions, which despite their protestations care more about their members than students.

But I part ways with her on her support for Elder. Nothing that Elder or any Republican advocates will help students. As compromised as the Democrats are, students are better served by a Democrat than a Republican in office.

That said, I hope this recall leaves a chastened Newsom in office and serves as a wakeup call to the Democratic Party.


Karin Costello, Santa Monica