Letters to the Editor: How a slower Postal Service can be life-threatening for some Americans

Postal Service workers load mail trucks.
Letter carriers load mail trucks in July 2020 in McLean, Va.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: At 73, I am old enough to remember sitting in my bunk at sleepaway camp, waiting for the counselor to drop in with the daily mail delivery. (“Surprise! Mail service is about to get slower — and more expensive,” Sept. 29)

Campers waited with bated breath to see if a letter would come with news from home or, if you were lucky, a package containing some of your favorite sweets. As children, we took these daily mail deliveries for granted.

These many years later, as seniors, my husband and I now hold our breath waiting for an on-time delivery of our cholesterol and diabetes medication.


Columnist Michael Hiltzik has made crystal clear the horrifying and possibly life-threatening effect of having Louis DeJoy remain as head of the United States Postal Service.

Marley Sims, Valley Village


To the editor: Hiltzik’s column came at just the right time.

Last week I received a thank-you letter from my son and his fiancé. The letter had been mailed from New York and came with the correct address and postage.

It had an August postmark.

Ken Feldman, Tarzana