Letters to the Editor: Why not Aaron Rodgers? Millions of Americans are also unvaccinated

Aaron Rodgers wears a football helmet before a game.
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks on prior to a game against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 28. He went on to test positive for COVID-19.
(Rick Scuteri / Associated Press)

To the editor: As a Milwaukee native and former major medical center spokesperson who claims copious amounts of green and gold Green Bay Packers blood, I am not at all shocked by the “immunized” but not vaccinated status of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (“How could this happen? Aaron Rodgers didn’t get vaccinated and the NFL let him play anyway,” Opinion, Nov. 3)

More than a third of Americans still have not been fully vaccinated against a virus that has sickened and killed so many people. Why couldn’t it be possible that one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks be included within those ranks (notwithstanding his UC Berkeley attendance)?

As for the National Football League continuing to let Rodgers play, well, we’re talking about last year’s Most Valuable Player in one of the most lucrative sports leagues the planet may ever know. If Rodgers were a third-string near-nobody, we might see more attention paid to strict vaccine adherence.


But even in a pandemic, the show will go on — perhaps especially for “immunized” or unvaccinated stars.

Mary Stanik, Tucson


To the editor: Since the op-ed article writer, Carrie Friedman, is a football fan, she may not have been able to put this into the broader context of letting Rodgers continue to play despite his unvaccinated status, something that violates the most basic tenet of vaccination.

The NFL is not as interested in the health of its players — and of its on- and off-field assault victims — as it is in maintaining profit over humanity, and its brand of invincible hypermasculinity over all reason and basic decency.

Brook Haley, Oceanside


To the editor: I’m quite surprised that Rodgers hosted “Jeopardy!” for a two-week stint a while back. What did he tell that show’s producers about his vaccine status?

If they knew he was unvaccinated, then why did they let him host?

Jane Roberts, Redlands