Letters to the Editor: Do conservative pundits finally quitting Fox News deserve praise?

Tucker Carlson of Fox News
Two commentators recently quit Fox News over Tucker Carlson’s new docuseries that’s based on misinformation.
(Richard Drew / Associated Press)

To the editor: I am a liberal who is grateful for Jonah Goldberg’s op-ed column. I’m not so liberal that I don’t recognize the need for a two-party system to balance things out, even to balance out my own very liberal views. (“I left Fox News after 12 years. Tucker Carlson’s ‘Patriot Purge’ was the final straw,” Opinion, Nov. 22)

Recognizing that, I started reading Goldberg’s column at some point during Donald Trump’s presidency. No surprise that I don’t often agree with him, but I absolutely value the fact that his ideas and positions are reasonable and not based on wild conspiracy theories or blatant lies.

In the past, I would have laughed at the idea that our democracy would ever be in direct threat of collapsing. I’m not laughing now. We desperately need people like Goldberg to reclaim the Republican Party.


Goldberg’s column on why he quit contributing to Fox News gives me hope that there are more reasonable Republicans out there who will help restore the GOP before there is a total collapse.

Phyllis Steele, Orange


To the editor: Once again, Goldberg’s logic leaves me at a loss.

Goldberg cites the Trump presidency and the toxic environment it created at Fox News as the reasons for his departure. But it’s been nearly five years since Trump was inaugurated. I guess it took Goldberg a while for this to sink in.

Modern medicine has some amazing accomplishments, but apparently it takes five years to grow a spine.

Scott R. Denny, Santa Ana


To the editor: Kudos to Goldberg and his business partner Steve Hayes for quitting Fox News.

As a liberal Democrat, I always read Goldberg’s columns in The Times to get the conservative point of view. With the departures of Goldberg and Hayes, Fox News has lost the voice of sensible, “traditional” Republicans.


Mr. Goldberg, please keep writing for The Times.

Ann C. Hayman, Westwood


To the editor: Fox News has never denied the fact that its commentators, such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, do not necessarily report or comment on factual news information, but rather present their own personal opinions.

But when credible reporters like Chris Wallace and Bret Baier and credible commentators like Goldberg, to name a few, take issue with Carlson, isn’t it time for the Fox News leadership to realize that it is far more important to protect the integrity of the media than to promote dangerous propaganda based on lies and deceit?

Our country has arguably never been as divided as we are today, and the future of our democracy is being challenged by people who want to destroy it. Rather than put the blame on Fox News or any media outlet, we need to blame those who know better, but either are too afraid to act or who want to believe what they know is a lie.

Edward A. Sussman, Fountain Valley


To the editor: I’m sure Goldberg, author of one of the most audacious acts of projection ever put to pen (his 2008 book “Liberal Fascism”), would very much like us all to believe that he is a man of principles taking a courageous stand.


In reality he’s just an arsonist looking for praise now that he’s finally put down the matches and picked up a bucket.

Darren Dvoracek, Pasadena