Letters to the Editor: Are antiabortion writers just as pro-life about mass shootings and gun rights?

Antiabortion demonstrators protest in front of the Supreme Court  in 2018.
Antiabortion demonstrators protest at the Supreme Court in 2018.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Are the writers of letters you’ve published against abortion equally as appalled by the almost complete lack of family care legislation?

Are they for endless gun rights? Do they have an equally visceral response to all the mass shootings that are so commonplace now they don’t even warrant a front-page article in our newspapers? Did they support the war in Iraq, a war that even former President Trump says was completely wrongheaded and obscene, where hundreds of thousands of human beings died?

See, I feel these things are utterly heinous and evil. Do they?

If not, whose deeply held beliefs matter more? And why?

Linda Young, Woodland Hills



To the editor: There’s a lot of irony to be found in the recent letter where the writer opposed slavery in general but supported enforced servitude for pregnant women.

If rights are taken from people and created for fetal tissue, the outcome will be bad for people.

The doctrine that rights begin at conception and end at birth should be discarded as wrong, not codified into law by the looming reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

Tim Estle, West Hills