What a strange trip: A cartoon review of the 2016 campaign

LA Times political cartoonist tells the story of the historic 2016 presidential campaign through a selection of cartoons from his new book, “Top of the Ticket.”

Liberals across America are still in shock. Women are weeping and men are turning to hard drink. Or maybe it’s the men who are weeping and the women who are drinking. Either way, the election of Donald Trump seems like a bad case of herpes that will not go away soon.

Meanwhile, Trump is assembling his Cabinet from the guest list of Sean Hannity’s last Halloween party and showing a strong reluctance to leave his golden tower on Fifth Avenue to go slumming in the White House.

The endless campaign that finally ended now feels like a long prelude to the tragicomedy that is currently unfolding. Nevertheless, for anyone who wants a reminder of how we got here, I offer this video review of my cartoons from the 2016 presidential campaign. My look back may reveal how I failed to completely capture the true weirdness of the last two years, but I hope it provides a laugh or two.


Right now, among all the drunk, tearful liberals in Blue America, laughs are in short supply.

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