The Times podcast: Author Shea Serrano thinks Mexicans are perfect

Shea Serrano
Shea Serrano has written three bestselling books and is about to release a new one.
(Larami Serrano)

Shea Serrano is beloved in the sports, movie and music worlds for his wickedly funny essays and podcasts on everything from Selena to the Houston Texans, Jay-Z to Jason from “Friday the 13th.” And yet his journalism is probably the least impressive part of the guy who’s probably the nicest cholo nerd in the world.


His latest book, “Hip-Hop (and Other Things),” is dropping tomorrow, Oct. 26. We talk about Shea’s unlikely entry into journalism, why Mexicans are perfect, why representation matters — and why, again and again, without question, he pays for fans’ utility bills and college classes.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guest: Author and podcast host Shea Serrano

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