The Times podcast: Make way for women, LGBTQ and POC skateboarders

Three people practice skateboarding
Left to right: Cerise Castle, Boos Cruise founder YaYa Chavez and Torrie Krantz.
(Madeleine Hordinski / Los Angeles Times)

Skateboarding is a mainstay of California street culture, from San Diego to San Francisco and beyond. It’s so popular that L.A. County filled outdoor skateparks with sand earlier in the pandemic so no one could grind on them.


But during the pandemic, skateboard sales surged — and communities long marginalized from the sport are now making their own spaces.

Today we talk to a reporter who’s covering and participating in this rise, and skateboarders from various parts of America — including Washington, D.C., and the Navajo Nation — tell us why they skate.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A.-based multimedia reporter Cerise Castle

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