The Times podcast: Cycling while Latino in L.A. County is tough

Latino cyclists sheriff's deputies
L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Manan Butt gives a warning to a bicyclist for riding on the sidewalk and going in the wrong direction on 1st Street near Ford Boulevard in East Los Angeles.
(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

An L.A. Times investigation found that from 2017 to July of this year, 70% of bicyclists that L.A. County sheriff’s deputies pulled over were Latinos, even though the group makes up only about half of the county’s population. And they searched 85% of bike riders they stopped, even though deputies often had no reason to think they’d find something illegal. They ended up making arrests or writing citations 21% of the time.

Today, we talk to the L.A. Times journalists who reported this story. And we talk to a cycling activist about the dangers of cycling while Latino.


Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times reporters Ben Poston and Alene Tchekmedyian, and Eastside Bike Club founder Carlos Morales

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