The Times podcast: Vicente Fernández, the King

A man in a sombrero holds a microphone
Vicente Fernández gives a concert in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2009.
(Carlos Jasso / Associated Press)

His nicknames: El Hijo del Pueblo — the People’s Son. El Ídolo de México — Mexico’s Idol. Or just plain Chente.

Ranchera legend Vicente Fernández passed away this week at age 81, and millions of his fans in the U.S., Mexico and beyond are mourning a man who was their soundtrack of love and sadness and resistance for over half a century.

Today, L.A. Times journalists who grew up with Chente’s music talk about his legacy and even sing some of his songs — badly.


Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times deputy sports editor Iliana Limón Romero, video journalist Steve Saldivar and culture writer Daniel Hernández

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