The Times podcast: Hey, it’s our holiday special

A spread of holiday cookies on plates
Grab a virtual holiday cookie and kick back with us.
(Silvia Razgova / For The Times)

Today we’re doing something a little different: channeling our inner holiday spirit and sharing stories from some of our awesome colleagues across the L.A. Times newsroom.


They submitted stories about losing a loved one to COVID-19. Finding new ways to bond with family. Reconnecting with choirmates after months of virtual performances. And the exploits of one seriously sassy pet rabbit.

We at The Times have been working remotely throughout the pandemic, and we miss chitchatting with coworkers. Hearing these stories is kind of like kicking back at an old-school office potluck and catching up. It made us feel good and cheery. We hope it does the same for you.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times Column One editor Steve Padilla, utility journalism reporter Karen Garcia, entertainment business reporter Wendy Lee and audio chief Jazmín Aguilera

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