The Times podcast: Media bias, and refugees ‘like us’

Ukrainian refugees
A man named Stanislav, 40, says goodbye to his son David, 2, and his wife, Anna, 35, who are on a train at the Kyiv station in Ukraine. He is staying to fight while his family is leaving the country to seek refuge.
(Emilio Morenatti / Associated Press)

The European Union is doing everything possible to welcome Ukrainian refugees. And people around the world have donated money and supplies to help. But this open-arms response has people in similar situations wondering: Why so much goodwill toward Ukrainians, and not us?


Today, we talk about the media’s role in deciding who is the “right” type of refugee — and how that helps or hinders displaced people around the world.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times television critic Lorraine Ali

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