The Times podcast: The L.A. riots, 30 years later

A chaotic street scene, with smoke pouring from a large fire and debris strewn about
Violent unrest at the corner of Florence and Normandie avenues on April 29, 1992, the first day of the L.A. riots.
(Kirk McCoy / Los Angeles Times)

April 29, 1992. A date that forever changed Los Angeles. Six days of chaos erupted after the acquittal of four police officers in the videotaped beating of Rodney King, an unarmed Black motorist. This is the first of two episodes on the 30th anniversary of the L.A. riots.

Today, Black, Latino and Asian communities reflect on the uprising. We also discuss the racial reckoning of the L.A. Times newsroom in its aftermath. Read the transcript.


Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times columnists Sandy Banks and Frank Shyong

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The damage went deep

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