The Times podcast: The Future of Abortion, Part 6 | History Repeated?

Cheryl Palmer, 78, left, and Cliff Palmer, 77
Cheryl Palmer, 78, left, and Cliff Palmer, 77, were college friends in 1966 when they learned Cheryl was pregnant. Fearful of having a child, they terminated the pregnancy. They now live on a farm and breed horses in Bigfork, Mont.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

A 22-year-old woman and an abortion doctor from California played key roles in the legal fight that eventually led to Roe vs. Wade. But now that Roe’s been struck down, is that history our future? Today, we look at what it was like for women seeking abortions in California and the doctors who served them before the procedure was legalized, and what that past might say about a future without the constitutional right to the procedure. Read the full transcript here.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times reporter Brittny Mejia

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