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Hey! It’s Mark Olsen and Yvonne Villarreal. We’re entertainment reporters for the Los Angeles Times and co-hosts for The Envelope podcast.

We return on Nov. 30 with brand new episodes that pull back the curtain on this award season’s top contenders. Each week, we’re joined by A-list actors, directors and showrunners for intimate conversations about their personal lives and creative processes — and how it all fuels their art.


For our season premiere, Kirsten Dunst recounts transformative moments from her decades-long career and shares stories about starring in Jane Campion’s new film, “The Power of the Dog.” New episodes — featuring such stars as Halle Berry, Jennifer Coolidge and Adam McKay — will drop every Tuesday. You can follow us on your favorite podcast player or listen right here on, where our team will post full transcripts of the conversations.

Catch up on Season 1 of The Envelope, featuring interviews with Kate Winslet, Barry Jenkins and Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Team

The Envelope podcast is hosted by Mark Olsen and Yvonne Villarreal; produced by Heba Elorbany and Asal Ehsanipour; edited by Heba Elorbany and Shani O. Hilton; engineering and theme music by Mike Heflin; audience strategy by Samantha Melbourneweaver, Amy Wong, Gabby Fernandez and Christina Schoellkopf; marketing by Richard Hernandez, Tova Weinstock, Patricia Gardiner, Brandon Sides and Dylan Harris. Special thanks to Clint Schaff, Matt Brennan, Geoff Berkshire, Elena Howe, Glenn Whipp and Daniel Gaines.