N.Y. legislators vote to give Congress access to Trump’s state tax returns

Donald Trump
President Trump at the White House.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

New York state lawmakers have passed legislation that would allow President Trump’s state tax returns to be released to Democrats in Congress.

The legislation now goes to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo after final passage Wednesday in the Democratic-controlled Senate and Assembly.

The bills don’t target Trump by name but would allow the leaders of three congressional committees to access any New York returns filed by elected officials and top appointed officials.

A bill that originally passed the Senate would have allowed Congress to request any state taxpayer’s returns. The measure was later narrowed, prompting the Senate to vote again Wednesday.


New York Republicans have denounced the legislation as a politically motivated attack on privacy.

The proposed changes to state law were made amid a battle going on in Washington over Trump’s federal returns.

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