Punches fly as demonstrators get kicked out of Trump rally

Protesters repeatedly interrupted Donald Trump during a campaign rally tonight, creating a tense atmosphere on the eve of a Republican debate scheduled here Tuesday.

Trump was shouted at by demonstrators yelling "black lives matter!" as they were ushered out by security and confronted by Trump supporters.


In a video of the event, punches and kicks are exchanged between demonstrators and those in attendance at the rally.

"Light that [expletive] on fire," one person can be heard saying in a different video as an African American demonstrator sat on the ground and was pulled up by security.

A Secret Service agent joined a Trump campaign aide in blocking reporters from leaving a media pen to report on the scuffles. Trump is one of several candidates with Secret Service protection.

At a rally last week in Iowa, Trump urged a crowd to be gentle with protesters as security led them outside. But on Monday night, Trump did not discourage aggressive treatment of those disrupting him.

"Get him out of here, please," Trump said as supporters shouted down a heckler being led away by security.

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