Sarah Palin emails: Palin rallied staff to keep conservative talk host from feeling ‘put off’

Sarah Palin’s request to keep a conservative talk radio host from feeling “put off” prompted an all-hands-on-deck approach from her staff.

In a sign of how thoroughly Palin cultivated her relationship with friendly media, Palin sent a message to five aides urging them to put a call to Michael Dukes, an ardent Republican based in North Pole, Alaska.

“One of the fairbanks [sic] guys needs to call into Dukes today so he’s not put off ‘til his scheduled time next week. Pls have someone call in this afternoon,” wrote Palin on May 22.

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The e-mail set off a scramble among staffers, searching for an aide who could call in to the conservative radio host’s two-hour show.

“Yikes! – my oversight,” wrote aide Dan Saddler in a message marked “high importance.”

Urging a number of staffers to call in, Saddler adds, “It goes form [sic] 4-6 p.m, so call fast!”

“I really don’t want him to feel snubbed, sometimes he sounds put off,” Palin added.

Energy advisor Bruce Anders eventually connected with the radio host, writing, “Just got it all taken care of. Michael enjoyed and appreciated the information I had for him ... .”

“Yes! Thank you!” Palin promptly replied.


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