Ask a Reporter: Sarah Wire on the 2020 congressional session and coronavirus stimulus

Ask a Reporter is the L.A. Times' weekly live chat with a reporter.
(Los Angeles Times)

Reporter Sarah D. Wire will be live on video Tuesday to answer your questions about covering Congress and the coronavirus stimulus packages.

Sarah will be live on Twitter and Facebook, along with moderator and audience engagement editor Adrienne Shih, to answer your questions about her work, what it’s like to report on Congress, President Trump’s impeachment trial and how her job covering the country’s most powerful leaders has changed with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here’s some of Sarah’s recent work:

U.S. officials have filed more than a dozen criminal cases in 11 states against business owners accused of cheating the Paycheck Protection Program.

Rebuffed by the Supreme Court in one attempt to tie the census to citizenship, Trump is now trying a new tactic.


Los Angeles Rep. Karen Bass has worked on police abuse issues for 47 years. Now she’s in charge of House effort to enact it into law.