Where do Rep. Katie Porter and Scott Baugh stand on abortion, inflation, immigration?

Rep. Katie Porter and former state Assemblyman Scott Baugh.
Democratic Rep. Katie Porter and Republican former state Assemblyman Scott Baugh are competing in an Orange County congressional district.

Democratic Rep. Katie Porter and Republican former Assemblyman Scott Baugh are vying to represent the 47th Congressional District, a coastal swath of Orange County that extends from Laguna Beach to Seal Beach and inland to Costa Mesa and Irvine.

The race is one of 11 key California contests in the Nov. 8 midterm election that could determine the balance of power in the House of Representatives.

Porter was part of the blue wave in the region’s congressional contests in the 2018 midterms. Baugh is a veteran of Orange County’s Republican establishment. Both oppose oil drilling off the California coast and support expanding state and local tax deductions on federal returns. However, they differ on key issues such as abortion access, gun laws and how to tackle inflation.


Porter’s answers are drawn from a questionnaire sent to candidates in competitive California congressional races, as well as her voting record. Her responses have been lightly edited for length. Baugh did not respond, so information about his views was collected from his campaign website, voting record and news coverage of the race.

Porter has money and fame, but Republican Scott Baugh is betting on Orange County’s traditional conservatism to flip her House seat.

Nov. 1, 2022

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