Rachel Ayotte


Chief Financial Officer and Founder
bread & Butter

Rachel Mays Ayotte, CEO of bread & Butter, founded the agency in 2007. Over the last 14 years, she has grown from two offices - in Los Angeles and Austin – to 14 offices from coast to coast. Locations include San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas, New York, Miami, D.C., and Charleston. With an initial focus on public relations, over the last decade, Ayotte has built divisions including social media, influencer marketing, digital advertising, creative design and web services by building her team and capabilities piece by piece. bread & Butter is dedicated to all things food, beverage, and travel. Ayotte, the keystone of the brand, has maintained several clients from day one while continuing to evolve her client list to include national hotel brands, boutique hotel brands and award-winning properties, restaurants and bars.