Dodgers media empire expands to radio with relaunched AM 570 LA Sports

Now let’s see if the Dodgers can keep their radio broadcasts available.

That TV empire thing hitting just a bit of a hiccup, the Dodgers announced Monday that their entry into the world of radio was official with the relaunch of KLAC-AM as AM 570 LA Sports. The team said last September that it was renewing its broadcast deal with AM 570 and also acquiring an equity stake in the station, which is actually available to 100% of everyone within reach of its signal.

The relaunch, effective Monday, won’t bring radical changes to the station’s current sports talk format, but it will bring you a daily dose of Dodger Talk with Kevin Kennedy and David Vassegh.


The Dodgers are co-owners with the obnoxiously named iHeart Media of Los Angeles. The Dodgers now have a regular media empire, with their own TV station (rumor has it), radio station and, in conjunction with MLB, their own website. Guess they skipped over buying The Times.

AM 570 will continue to start its day with Collin Cowherd’s favorite sports talk host, Dan Patrick from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., followed by a new show, “LA Today,” that will be hosted by Bill Reiter and Leann Tweeden until noon.

Jay Mohr dons his sports talk hat from noon until 3 p.m., followed by the area’s best sports talk, the Petros and Money Show, featuring Petro Papadakis and Matt Smith, until 7 p.m. Kennedy and Vassegh’s Dodger Talk will air during weekdays beginning at 7 p.m., or immediately after games during the season.

Guess the days of the Dodgers flipping their local flagship radio station every so many years is over.