How popular are the Dodgers? The Angels can tell you

Angels and Dodgers face off this weekend.

The Angels play host to the Dodgers on Saturday, in a game that means absolutely nothing. The Angels play host to the Seattle Mariners on Monday, on Opening Day.

Seats in the “View All-Star” section -- on the upper level, about halfway down the line -- are available for both games. The price, as of Tuesday morning: $24 for the exhibition against the Dodgers, $18 for the opener against the Mariners.

The Angels adjust their prices regularly, based on market demand. They had several thousand tickets available for the opener as of last week. They expect a sellout, and they can lower prices to meet demand.

Prices in some sections have gone up. But the Angels have had to cut the View All-Star price at least twice -- from $28 to $20, and now to $18.


In 15 of the 33 categories available for sale Tuesday morning, the ticket price was higher for the Dodgers exhibition than for the opener.

The Angels have not made the playoffs since 2009. Season-ticket sales have dropped by more than 20% in the last two years, and by more than 40% since a record high in 2006.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, when Anaheim Stadium was enclosed and interleague play was not part of the regular season, the Angels commonly sold tens of thousands more tickets to the Freeway Series than to their opener. In 1984, for instance, the attendance was 62,921 for an exhibition game against the Dodgers, then 31,760 for the opener against the Boston Red Sox.



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