Dodgers are brimming with wine enthusiasm as they become owners, investors and enthusiasts

Wine is all the rage with the Dodgers

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts, left, shakes hands with former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda during a spring baseball training workout on Feb. 28.

(Kevin Sullivan / Associated Press)

A bottle of red, a bottle of white

Whatever kind of mood you’re in tonight …

Like life doesn’t offer enough reasons why you feel left behind, now comes this. Wine is all the rage among baseball types, perhaps most with the Boys in Blue.

Players, managers, former owners, advisors and now the organization itself, are all happily re-discovering the wonders of the ancient juice.


No doubt the expertise varies. Currently popular in the Dodgers’ spring clubhouse is a wine touted by Sandy Koufax, because you know, it was touted by Sandy Koufax. His find: Meiomi Pinot Noir 2013, which is currently available at your local Total Wine & More store for $16.99 a bottle. See, they are like you and me.

I tried it and gave it a very positive review, but being a few tastings shy of Robert Parker Jr., I consulted with The Times’ resident wine expert, ex-Dodgers beat writer Dylan Hernandez, who found it something less than 100 points and termed it “over-oaked.”

“Like sucking on a tree,” Hernandez said.

I have not run this review past Manager Dave Roberts, who is one of three owners of the Red Stitch winery in Napa. His Pinot Noir goes for $56 a bottle, though his sold-out signature Cabernet Sauvignon went for $90 a pop.


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Roberts, of course, is not the first Dodgers manager to go the vintner route. Tommy Lasorda still has his name across a series of wines imported from Italy, all priced under $30. That little ol’ winemaker, Tommy.

Adrian Gonzalez is an investor in a wine bar near San Diego’s Petco Park. Right-hander Joe Blanton, when he thought he was retiring in 2014, actually bought a vineyard in Napa. Must be neighbors with ex-Dodgers owner Jamie McCourt, who bought one there the year before.

Feeling left out yet?

Hey, at least now you can own your very own bottle of Dodgers wine. That’s right, a bottle of blue.

Starting March 1, Santa Maria’s Qupe winery is offering a Dodgers Syrah and Chardonnay. It comes complete with a blue label and the cursive Dodgers logo splashed across the Qupe poppy emblem. This comes from a real, legitimate winery.

The wines will be available this season at Dodger Stadium, and at Vons and Gelson’s. Both are sold on the company website for $24. Will update with the Hernandez review as soon as it’s available.

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