Dodgers Dugout: Dodgers need to give Vin Scully one more farewell gift -- A World Series title

Vin Scully
(Stephen Dunn / AFP/Getty Images)

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell, and all our thoughts and prayers go to the family of Jose Fernandez.

NL West champs

--You couldn’t write a better way to end the division race and to commemorate Vin Scully’s final home game than the way everything transpired Sunday.

--Charlie Culberson will now be a Dodger for life in the eyes of Dodgers fans.


--I got chills when the players all gathered in the infield and raised the caps to Scully.

--This team has the best chance of any other team to defeat the Cubs in the playoffs.

--Up next: The Washington Nationals in the first round. The rest of this week is just getting the players ready and the rotation set for the postseason.

--Corey Seager is not only Rookie of the Year, you can make a strong case for him being MVP.


--This is their fourth division title in a row, but in past years I never really had a deep-down feeling that this team could win the World Series. That doesn’t mean they will, but I feel good about their chances. If you are one of those few who email to complain this team still has no chance to win, do me a favor: Don’t watch the playoffs. And if they do win, don’t dare show up at any parades.

--The Dodgers have won 16 division titles. Other NL West champions: San Francisco (8), Cincinnati (7), San Diego (5), Atlanta (5), Arizona (5), Houston (2). Colorado has never won the NL West.

--The Scully ceremony Friday night was great, and Kevin Costner gave a great speech to honor Vin. Those of you who asked why Ross Porter wasn’t there, the answer is simple: he wasn’t invited.

--To see a collection of “What Vin Scully Means to Me”, click here. You still have time to send them in. We are collecting many of them in a book to present to Vin after the season.


--Bill Plaschke on why Vin Scully is a voice for the ages.

--Times reporter Hector Becerra writes about how Vin Scully helped him learn English.

--Sports broadcasters talk about what makes Vin Scully great.

--A look at Vin Scully’s support team.


--That’s it for this week. No “Magic Number” today, no sarcasm, no “Ask Ross Porter” today, no “What Others Are Saying.” Today is a day to reflect on a division title and the fact we will never see Vin Scully up in the press box at Dodger Stadium again. The next Dodgers Dugout will come out next Monday, and will be a playoff preview. Until then, enjoy Vin’s final games and be thankful we got to hear him as long as we did.

And finally

Watch Kevin Costner’s Vin Scully speech here. And watch his call of Charlie Culberson’s home run here.

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