Dodgers Dugout: Time to vote for final two position players on team’s all-time 40-man roster


Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell and while we wait for more offseason moves, let’s continue picking the all-time 40-man roster with the wild-card round.

The all-time team, wild card

Now that we have chosen three players at each position other than pitcher, let’s select two more position players. To do so, I will take the highest vote getters at each position who did not make the team, plus anyone who got more than 15% of the vote. You can vote for two of those players, which will put our roster at 26 players before we get to the pitchers.


Here’s your list of players on the ballot:

Brett Butler

Dolph Camilli

Rafael Furcal

Kirk Gibson

Adrian Gonzalez

Shawn Green

Pedro Guerrero

Babe Herman

Eric Karros

Jim Lefebvre

Yasiel Puig

Pete Reiser

John Roseboro

Dixie Walker

Steve Yeager

Now it’s time for you to vote. Remember to vote for two. You can click here to vote, or you can email me your two choices. Ties are not allowed, and you have to vote for two. Vote for more or fewer and your vote won’t count.

Next week: Starting pitchers. We’ll be voting for nine.

Who were the three best right fielders?

Here are the results, after receiving 12,972 ballots:

1. Reggie Smith (named on 68% of ballots)

2. Carl Furillo (64.3%)

3. Andre Ethier (53.9%)

4. Dixie Walker (20.5%)

5. Babe Herman (20.3%)

6. Yasiel Puig (18%)

7. Shawn Green (17.1%)

8. Raul Mondesi (11%)

9. Frank Howard (10.5%)

10. Willie Crawford (6.7%)

11. Ron Fairly (6.6%)

12. Mike Marshall (1.5%)

13. Casey Stengel (1.3%)

14. Tommy Griffith (0.2%

15. Harry Lumley (0.1%)

The 40-man roster so far:


Roy Campanella

Mike Piazza

Mike Scioscia


Adrian Beltre

Ron Cey

Steve Garvey

Jim Gilliam

Gil Hodges

Davey Lopes

Wes Parker

Pee Wee Reese

Jackie Robinson

Bill Russell

Justin Turner

Maury Wills


Dusty Baker

Tommy Davis

Willie Davis

Andre Ethier

Carl Furillo

Matt Kemp

Reggie Smith

Duke Snider

Zack Wheat

Coming up

Jan. 22: Starting pitchers

Jan. 29: Relief pitchers

Feb. 5: Managers

And finally

Another great moment in Dodger history (I was actually at this game). Watch it here.

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