A singing Tommy Lasorda and the Dodgers spread holiday cheer

That’s right, the Dodgers’ very own ambassador of baseball manages to morph Bing Crosby and Elvis in his new holiday treat: “I’m Dreaming of a Blue Christmas.”


Actually, he’s just the opening and closing act on this holiday video from the Dodgers that seems to feature everyone associated with the team but Vladimir Shpunt and Sexy Ned Colletti handing out holiday wishes.

Still, all those years Lasorda spent mentored by his good buddy, Frank Sinatra, have obviously paid off here.


The real crime of it all is that the crooning Lasorda is offered only in snippets, which doesn’t mean it’s not memorable.

There’s always next year, when hopefully the full “Tommy Lasorda Sings His Christmas Favorites” will be available, featuring his holiday version of “Dominick, the Italian Christmas Donkey.”


Does Ned Colletti need to get his Marvin Gaye on?


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