Frank McCourt’s farewell letter to Dodgers staff


As the sale of the Dodgers closed on Tuesday morning, outgoing owner Frank McCourt emailed a letter to the Dodgers’ staffers, thanking them for their efforts and inviting them to a meeting with the new owners. The text of McCourt’s farewell letter follows:

“To my colleagues at the Los Angeles Dodgers,

“I am pleased to inform you that the Los Angeles Dodgers have emerged successfully from Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. The sale to Guggenheim Baseball Partners has been completed, and the Dodgers move forward as a well capitalized organization, strong both on and off the field.

“This is how it should be for the Dodgers - one of the truly storied and best known franchises in not just baseball, but all of sports.

“I am grateful to have been part of the Dodger organization and to have had the pleasure of working with you. Despite the difficult environment of the last few years, we together can be proud of what we have achieved. We enjoyed tremendous success on the field. In 2004, we won our first playoff game since 1988. We went to the playoffs four times over the next six years, including back-to-back National League Championship Series - a first for the Los Angeles Dodgers in over 30 years. And we are off to one of the best starts in baseball in 2012.

“Off the field, we returned the organization to profitability. We grew the value of the franchise well beyond what anyone thought was possible. We made it a Dodger ongoing practice to give back to the Los Angeles community. Your hard work has been essential to all of this.

“I am confident that the new ownership, which will be introduced to you this morning at 10:30 a.m. in the Stadium Club, will carry forward the Dodger tradition, the Dodger commitment to community and the effort to make the team once again World Champions of baseball. I thank you all for working with me and for your dedication to and support of the Dodgers.

“With respect and affection, Frank”


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Frank McCourt’s farewell letter to Dodgers staff