Dodgers lose Zack Greinke to fractured collarbone

Against the crummy San Diego Padres, in just the second week of the season, the Dodgers’ title hopes took a difficult blow Thursday.

Zack Greinke, the Dodgers’ new $147-million starting pitcher, fractured his left collarbone in a sixth-inning brawl.

After Greinke hit the Padres’ Carlos Quentin with a pitch -- on a full count in a game the Dodgers were leading by a run – the outfielder took umbrage and charged the mound. The two rammed into each other with their shoulders.

Greinke used his left, non-throwing shoulder, but the damage was serious nonetheless. He left Petco Park in a sling and was scheduled to head to Los Angeles to be examined by team physicians.

Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly placed all the blame on Quentin for charging the mound in a situation where Greinke would clearly not be intentionally throwing at him.


“That’s just stupid, that’s what it is,” Mattingly told reporters in San Diego. “He should not play a game until Zack can pitch.

“He caused the whole thing. Nothing happens if he goes to first base. That’s zero understanding of the game of baseball. He’s not throwing at him 3-2 in a 2-1 game.”

Marlins catcher Jeff Mathis sustained a broken collarbone this spring and was estimated to be out for at least six weeks.

Greinke denied intentionally throwing at Quentin.

“I’m pretty sure on the collision,” Greinke said of when the injury occurred.

The Dodgers and Padres meet again Monday to open a three-game series at Dodger Stadium.


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